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LPL Financial Individual Money Managers Program

For our High Net Worth clients, we are proud to offer…

Manager Select; offering money managers for each investment class and style that LPL Financial research has shown to have the commitment, experience and staying power to generate superior, risk-adjusted returns over a multi-year investment horizon.

Manager Select provides:

WORLD CLASS MONEY MANAGEMENT-you can choose from over 90 money managers and 42 investment styles including equity, fixed income, balanced, REIT and socially-responsible portfolios.

TAX CONTROL-Because your account is individually managed, you and your advisers at Frye Financial Center can make strategic planning decisions to help minimize adverse tax consequences.

INDEPENDENT RESEARCH-Backed by one of the largest independent research departments in the industry through LPL Financial, your financial advisers at Frye Financial Center are able to make informed and objective decisions on your behalf.

PERFORMANCE REPORTING-Comprehensive performance reports are prepared quarterly to present consolidated information about your account.

ACCESS/LOWER ACCOUNT MINIMUMS-You gain access to institutional money managers who you might not have access to independently.

The Consulting Process

As your financial adviser, Frye Financial Center serves as the team leader of your portfolio, providing comprehensive wealth management services for an all-inclusive fee. As your adviser we will:

  • Define your investment objectives and risk tolerance
  • Develop an investment plan and strategy
  • Apply asset allocation and diversification
  • Conduct portfolio manager due diligence
  • Recommend portfolio managers
  • Open and maintain accounts
  • Communicate and educate
  • Provide ongoing service and assistance
  • Monitor portfolio managers and accounts
  • Conduct regular portfolio reviews

As your financial adviser, we are committed to mapping out a plan that’s tailored specifically to your unique circumstances and backed by far-reaching resources.

How are managers selected?
Research Process

The LPL Financial Manager Select Research Process seeks to identify the most attractive money managers for each asset class and investment style used within Manager Select, LPL Financial ’s fee-based institutional money manager program.

For each investment category, LPL Financial Research analysts use a three-step process including quantitative analysis, qualitative review, and an evaluation of the organization itself, to construct a recommended list of money managers:

In step one, a thorough review of quantitative and measurable factors is conducted. These factors are reviewed relative to both managed and unmanaged benchmarks and relative to managers of a similar style within each asset class. Some of the quantitative factors included in the analysis are:

  • Risk-adjusted performance, which is reviewed both for multi-year performance and consistency of annual returns
  • Upside and downside capture
  • Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) statistics such as Alpha, Beta, and Sharpe Ratio
  • Style analysis to show the manager’s adherence to style discipline
  • Portfolio diversification to ensure the portfolio is diversified by both sector and issue
  • Current and historical portfolio allocation

Qualitative review separates LPL Financial Research from the competition and is the second critical component in the selection process. While quantitative analysis focuses on how well the separate account manager has performed in the past, the qualitative review concentrates on whether the proper system is in place to allow strong performance to continue in the future. Some of the factors reviewed include:

  • Investment process and philosophy
  • Organizational and management team structure
  • Management team experience and compensation structure
  • Underlying portfolio characteristics
  • Performance attribution analysis
  • Growth in assets under management

Equity Research Process
Fixed Income Research Process


The final step in the selection process is designed to ensure the money management firms have the commitment, experience and staying power to generate superior risk-adjusted returns over a multi-year investment horizon. In addition, their commitment to separate accounts as stand-alone entities, rather than leveraging the firm’s mutual fund or institutional product channels, is reviewed. With this in mind, LPL Financial Research analysts review factors including, but not limited to, the following:

Infrastructure- A thorough review of the firm’s Operations, Marketing, Trading and Compliance Departments

Performance-Separate account performance composite analysis to determine whether it is based on live money or a model portfolio, dispersion of returns, the degree of Association of Investment Management Research (AIMR) compliance, and whether or not the results are audited by a major accounting firm

Compliance-An examination of the firm’s regulatory filings to ensure that there are no securities violations

Growth-An evaluation of the scalability of the investment strategy and process by reviewing the firm’s procedures in converting the underlying institutional product or investment into a separate account

Ongoing monitoring of a manager’s investment process and results is one of the most important aspects of our value proposition. Some of the key indicators we focus on are:

  • Changes in portfolio risk levels
  • Style drift
  • Changes in portfolio turnover
  • Changes in key investment personnel

Changes in any of these indications will not, in and of themselves, result in the automatic removal of a manager from the recommended list. Rather, they will set into motion a heightened level of review, including increased dialogue with the management team, to increase understanding of the reasons behind any investment changes and their likely impact on the portfolio’s performance and risk level.

Manager Select Research-Bringing you the top money managers in the industry through LPL Financial ’s independent, objective evaluation of the manager universe.We believe this select group of professional money managers represent the best the industry has to offer.

*Asset Management offered through LPL Financial.

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